3 proven ways beginners can make money from real estate

Learn what strategy works best and the top 3 common mistakes to avoid

There’s a tonne of information out there about real estate. It’s hard for a beginner to understand what to do and who to listen to.

Before we get to the 3 ways to make money from real estate, I want to share a strategy I’ve used over 2 decades in the industry. I’ll then share 3 great ways real estate rookies can make money.

And finally, I’ll give you a heads up on the typical mistakes I’ve made and I’ve seen others make in real estate.

What strategy is good for beginners and why?

Positive cashflow strategy is best. This is where the property earns more rental income than the mortgage and other costs.

Think of your income from your job. And costs you need to pay for every month such as food, utilities, going out, holidays, petrol, and more.

If you earn more than you spend, you’ll have money left in your pocket. Savings. That’s positive cashflow.

The same applies to property. If your rental income covers your costs, you have positive cashflow. It’s as simple as that.

3 proven ways beginners can make money

1. Buy an off-market property at a discount

Find sellers who are keen to sell an off-market property. They’re not easy to find, but they’re around if you know how to find them.

Old properties always have issues that can be used to negotiate a lower price. Before doing that, you always make sure the property is structurally sound and in a great area, amongst other things.

That’s how you make money as soon as you buy. You don’t need to wait years for its value to increase. You make money as soon as you buy.

2. Do a small cosmetic renovation

There are 5 renovations we recommend to increase a property’s selling price for our customers. These include the bathroom, changing carpets, and repainting.

You need to buy the property at a decent price to make it worthwhile.

3. Appreciation

 In time, if bought right, the property will increase in value. Consider aspects such as:

  • Land size
  • Location
  • Type of demographic
  • Neighbourhood
  • Amount of amenities
  • Proportion of owners vs renters in the area
  • Schools, hospitals, shops, and infrastructure
  • Future development
  • Interest rates
  • Zoning regulations

The top 3 mistakes beginners make in real estate

1. They get too emotional

Many beginners get too emotional when buying and end up paying too much. Much more than what it’s worth.

Stick to your number and don’t pass it. Ask a partner or friend to stop you when you’ve reached your limit.

Key takeaway: Use your head and not your heart

2. They don’t do due diligence on the property

Make sure you always ask for a building and pest report on your contract.

That way, if there’s an issue, like termites, you can back away and get your deposit back in full.

Key takeaway: Do your due diligence on the property.

3. They don’t arrange financing early

I’ve had some clients fall into this trap.

Some people pay deposits on a house before contacting the bank, thinking there will have no issues getting finance.

Then they realise they can’t borrow what they thought they could – and lose their deposits.

Key takeaway: Do your due diligence on the property.

In a nutshell: Proven ways beginners can make money from real estate

Buying property can be complicated. Yet you can fast-track your knowledge and make money faster if you follow a few proven tips we’ve learned over the past 2 decades:

 Get an off-market property at a discount

  1. Do cosmetic renovations
  2. Get a property set to appreciate

Do all this with positive cashflow and don’t make the typical rookie mistakes. Make sure you use your head not your heart. Do your due diligence. And get financing early.

That’s how you can make money in real estate as a beginner.

If you need a hand finding the right property, give us a yell.

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