7 Proven Strategies for Saving and Securing Your Investment Property Deposit

Saving for an investment property deposit can seem daunting, but with the right strategies, it’s an achievable goal. At Buyers Agency Australia, founded by Dragan Dimovski, we’ve helped numerous clients navigate this crucial step in their property investment journey. Our experienced team of buyers agents across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond is here to share proven strategies for building your deposit and securing your investment property.

How can I save faster for my investment property deposit?

Saving for a property deposit requires discipline and smart financial planning. It’s not just about cutting expenses, but also about maximising your savings potential.

Key strategies include:

    • Create a dedicated savings plan with specific goals and timelines
    • Automate your savings by setting up regular transfers to a high-interest account
    • Cut unnecessary expenses and redirect the savings to your deposit fund
    • Consider a side hustle or freelance work to boost your income

    At Buyers Agency Australia, we’ve seen how a well-executed savings plan can significantly accelerate our clients’ property investment timelines.

    Is using home equity a viable option for an investment property deposit?

    Leveraging the equity in your existing home can be a powerful strategy for funding your investment property deposit. This approach allows you to tap into your property’s increased value without selling it.

    Important considerations:

      • Equity is the difference between your home’s current value and your mortgage balance
      • Most lenders allow you to borrow up to 80% of your home’s value without incurring LMI
      • Using equity can help you enter the investment market sooner

      Our team can guide you through the process of accessing your home equity and using it strategically for your investment goals.

      How effective is the ‘rentvesting’ strategy for building an investment property deposit?

      Rentvesting – renting where you want to live while investing in property elsewhere – has gained popularity as a strategy for entering the property market.

      Benefits of rentvesting:

        • Live in desirable areas that may be too expensive to buy in
        • Start building your property portfolio sooner
        • Potential tax benefits from owning an investment property

        As experienced buyers agents, we can help you identify suitable areas for rentvesting that align with your lifestyle and investment objectives.

        Can family assistance help in securing an investment property deposit?

        Family assistance, often referred to as the “Bank of Mum and Dad,” can be a valuable resource for aspiring property investors.

        Forms of family assistance:

          • Gift: A no-strings-attached contribution to your deposit
          • Loan: A formal or informal lending arrangement with family members
          • Guarantor: Family members use their property as security for your loan

          While family assistance can be helpful, it’s crucial to approach it carefully. Our team can advise on the best ways to structure family assistance to protect all parties involved.

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          Are there government schemes to help with investment property deposits?

          While many government schemes focus on owner-occupiers, some initiatives can indirectly help investment property buyers.

          Potential options:

            • First Home Super Saver Scheme: Use your super contributions to save for a deposit
            • Stamp duty concessions: Some states offer reductions that could free up funds for your deposit
            • Grants for new constructions: These can sometimes apply to investment properties

            At Buyers Agency Australia, we stay up-to-date with the latest government initiatives and can help you navigate any that might benefit your investment strategy.

            How can budgeting apps and tools accelerate my deposit savings?

            In today’s digital age, numerous apps and tools can help streamline your savings process and keep you on track to reach your deposit goal.

            Useful features to look for:

              • Expense tracking and categorisation
              • Goal setting and progress visualisation
              • Bill reminders and automatic savings transfers
              • Investment performance tracking

              We can recommend tried-and-tested budgeting tools that have helped our clients successfully save for their investment property deposits.

              Is it worth considering joint ventures to secure an investment property deposit?

              Partnering with others through a joint venture can be an effective way to pool resources and enter the property market sooner.

              Key considerations for joint ventures:

                • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
                • Aligned investment goals and risk tolerance
                • Formal legal agreements to protect all parties
                • Exit strategies for various scenarios

                Our experienced team at Buyers Agency Australia can guide you through the pros and cons of joint ventures and help you determine if this strategy aligns with your investment goals.

                Saving and securing your investment property deposit is a crucial step in your property investment journey. With these strategies and the guidance of experienced buyers agents, you can navigate this process more effectively and confidently.

                At Buyers Agency Australia, led by founder Dragan Dimovski, we’re committed to helping you not just save for your deposit, but also find the right investment property that aligns with your financial goals. Our expertise spans across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond, ensuring you have the support you need, wherever your investment takes you.

                Ready to turn your property investment dreams into reality? Book a free 15-minute discovery call with our team of expert buyers agents today. Let’s explore how we can help you save smarter and invest wisely.


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