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Dragan Dimovski is a leading expert in the field of property investing. Dragan has been featured on numerous podcasts, where he shares his invaluable insights, experiences, and knowledge. 

As the driving force behind Buyers Agency Australia, Dragan’s podcast appearances span a spectrum of topics. These discussions bring his expertise to the forefront, offering you a unique perspective and a deeper understanding of property investment and related subjects.

Mike is joined by Dragan Dimovski, Founder and Exclusive Buyer’s Agent with Buyer’s Agency Australia. Dragan specialises in off market and positively geared property investment and is perfectly placed to share his secrets on creating positive cashflow to optimise your portfolio. Dragan goes on to explain how building a solid foundation of cashflow enabled him to get to a position of having more options and looking further afield for his investments.

Smart Property Investment’s Phil Tarrant sits down with Buyers Agency Australia's Dragan Dimovski to run through the first assets bought by Dragan to build his portfolio and separate the good deals from the bad ones. Dragan reminisces on how seeing a property investor driving a Ferrari set the ball rolling for his venture into real estate back when he was still a photographer.

Dragan Dimovski has built himself a portfolio of over $13M, in part by using this under market value approach. He’s now helping clients achieve the same thing as the head buyers agent and director of Buyers Agency Australia. Not only is Dragan walking us through the steps on the podcast but you can download a 40+ page booklet that unpacks even more detail. Download and listen to the episode as you read through.

We pick up with Dimovski’s negatively geared portfolio, where he was feeling the pinch and realised there must be a better way to achieve his goals. In this episode he elaborates on how he got started in property, despite not coming into it completely out of left field. He also shares some details about his latest deal on the NSW south coast, explaining how the impressive numbers came to be, and how he’s so dedicated to what he does that even he takes a holiday, property is never far from his mind!

Dragan Dimovski is a buyer's agent, investor, and founder of Buyers Agency Australia. He ran a photography studio for over a decade before taking the leap into property investing. He started off his journey buying a negatively geared property, after which he decided to get properly educated. A few years later, he now helps his clients build wealth through the purchase of exclusive homes and off-market investment properties. In this episode, Ben sits down with Dragan to discuss how he transitioned into real estate coming from a totally different industry, whether he prefers families or investors as clients and the importance of making mistakes early on in your investing career.

Dragan Dimovski has been investing for over 20 years, and now also helps others grow their property portfolios through his work as the founder of Buyer’s Agency Australia. As owner of a photography studio at just 21 years old, he’s no stranger to hard work, business ownership, or following his passions. In this episode he shares all about his childhood growing up bouncing around Sydney’s west, where he picked up his first hobby-turned-career, photography. He divulges the other countries he’s lived in and what took him to them, gives an overview of what’s changed in the photography world since he was last lost in it, and the lessons he learnt the hard way when he first picked up property overseas.

This episode we're going to be talking with buyers agent and property investor Dragan Dimovski. This man has over 20 years in the property investing space over which time he's built a $10,000,000 portfolio Dragan is going to break down 2 different cash-flow plays to help get you thinking about what is possible and what might be worth looking into for your own portfolio ( with your trusted financial advisor )

Dragan Dimovski, a buyer’s agent and founder of Buyers Agency Australia, joined host Phil Tarrant to uncover some of the investing strategies that are less utilised but perfect for those with an eye for detail. Dragan discusses how investors can find success if they’re prepared to manage multiple tenancies in one property by becoming rooming house providers. While these properties need more oversight of these investments to ensure they run smoothly, he shares that there’s a growing demand for this type of accommodation, particularly among student cohorts.

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Strategy in a Buyer's Market

Watch Dragan’s interview at the Property Insights show With Mark Bouris

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Strategy in a Buyer's Market

Watch Dragan’s interview at the Property Insights show With Mark Bouris

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