Who is the Best Buyers Agent in Melbourne

Several agents fall under the “best” category, but for every best buyer’s agent, there are a dozen less successful and inexperienced agents. In a nutshell, the best buyers advocate in Melbourne will look out for your best interests, and here’s how you can find one to help you find your next home.

You may believe that the best buyers agents are only those who have won prestigious awards programs. While this is true, to some extent, not everyone can win an award. Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s finest best buyers agents – many of whose work has still gone unnoticed. But they exist, and hiring them can help the search and buying processes go smoothly. Here’s a look at how you can spot them.

The skills

A reliable buyers agent will possess the necessary skills to be a successful real estate agent. These are:

  •       Excellent negotiation skills
  •       Strong bidding skills
  •       Strong knowledge of Melbourne’s real estate market
  •       The ability to understand the buyer’s property requirements
  •       Understand the tricks of the trade
  •       Highly competitive

The qualifications 

The best buyers agents have completed a real estate accredited course through a reputable real estate institute recognized by all relevant bodies in Australia that issue real estate licences. The course would have provided them with the skills and knowledge required to begin their career in the real estate industry. 

The licence

The best agents always hold a real estate license or a Certificate of Registration to work under a licensed real estate agent. They must have a full real estate license to operate their own agency. 

The experience

The best buyers agents in Melbourne have several years – even decades of experience buying different types of properties in the city. They have worked as an apprentice with an accredited buyers agent Melbourne who mentored them during their early years in the industry. 

The Clients

The best buyers agents Melbourne have satisfied clients. The agency’s website would list clients, case studies, and testimonials of these clients. You can also find honest reviews online. 

A reliable buyer’s agent won’t hesitate to provide you with referrals and past clients’ details so you can contact them for some honest feedback.


Melbourne’s best buyers agents are members of a real estate association like REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agents Association) or the Victorian Real Estate Institute of Victoria. Agents belonging to associations like these uphold high ethical and moral standards, have extensive technical knowledge, and work in a disciplined manner.

Questions to ask when choosing the best buyers agent in Melbourne

Asking the right questions can help you hone in on the best buyers agents in Melbourne. Here are some questions to ask:

What real estate qualifications do you possess?

They must have completed a real estate agent’s representative course – for example, a TAFE qualification. Senior employees and principle agents should have a Certificate IV in Property Services.

How long have you been a buyers agent in Melbourne?

Look for a minimum of one year of selling property in Melbourne’s real estate. The longer they have worked in the market, the better they understand the local real estate market. They will also be able to recommend the best places to live concerning schools, hospitals, public transport systems, and other amenities. 

Is your agency licenced?

The agency must be licenced. 

What are your most recent purchases?

A successful buyer’s agent will be able to list several types of properties that he has helped buyers purchase. Ensure they also have experience in buying the type of property you are interested in – whether it is a luxury home, an apartment, or even a plot of land.

Will you put in writing that you will not receive any other commission or income s a result of the properties you recommend to me?

A reliable and honest buyer’s agent will not hesitate to make such a promise. Buyer’s agents must work solely for your interest, and they should not be getting paid by a seller to show you their property.

What is your search and buying process?

It is important to understand how the agent will search for the best properties for you and buy the property you want. 

Final thoughts

Buying a house or property in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia can be stressful, so getting all the help you need is a fantastic idea. More and more frustrated homebuyers are turning to homebuyers to help them find their dream homes. Finding the best buyers agent in Melbourne can ensure that searching for and buying your dream property is a breeze.


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