The Buyers Agency Australia’s Story

Dragan has been helping people invest in property – and investing himself for over 2 decades. 
He’s licenced and trained with the most reputable buyer’s agents in Australia.

Yet his experience doesn’t come simply from books, courses, and training. His strategies and success in getting clients great properties comes from a story unlike any other buyer’s agent you’ll encounter: Dragan’s experience comes from 2+ decades of trying, stumbling, succeeding, failing, and learning.

You see, Dragan hasn’t always worked in property. He studied engineering and soon realised it wasn’t for him – photography was more down his alley, much to the disappointment of his well-meaning traditional parents.

This passion for photography saw Dragan working in studios, before taking the leap into running his own studio. He grew it to full-time staff and ran it for 12 years. A dream he was proud to fulfil in his early twenties.

During this time Dragan’s attention was drawn to a neighbour: a man who drove a set of swanky cars, including a sleek, shiny, red Ferrari. “What did this guy do?!”, Dragan wondered.

Turned out he was a property investor – and obviously a damn good one. Not surprisingly, this drew an ambitious, young Dragan even closer to property investing, a passion of his. He took seminars and read lots of books.

Negative gearing was the big thing at the time, so Dragan jumped on that bandwagon, buying 1, 2, 3 properties. He renovated and flipped properties. He bought new properties. By the end of it, he was negatively geared 40K. Frustrated yet still driven to figure out property investing, he realised “this isn’t working, there has to be a better way.”

A Painful Experience

Dragan had a friend in Dubai who’d invested and done quite well buying off-the-plan properties. So Dragan decided to ploughed a lot of money in too, with the hope of joining his friend’s success.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong time. The market plunged and he lost most of his investments. A painful experience.
And his learnings?

Don’t go all-in when you:
1/ don’t understand the long-term economics of foreign countries, and
2/ don’t have an expert on the ground to help.

That’s when Dragan realised he had to get properly educated. He had to get experience. He had to learn from professionals doing it well. He had to understand property at home, in Australia and keep things simple.

Once again, he studied – but this time he did it differently. He took seminars from reputable professionals. Trained with established buyer’s advocates and got his Real Estate licence.

Today Dragan has built a rock-solid reputation for getting clients great deals on the right properties.
His research is thorough.
He negotiates fairly yet firmly.
He focuses on positively geared properties.

His proven, powerful strategy is simple: “I will help you create instant equity in 3 key ways: By buying established properties off-market. In high growth areas. So you’ll get tenants easily.”


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