Positive Gearing Ebook
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Dear Property Investor,

We are dedicated to helping our clients find the best investment property within their budget and to help them reach their goals.

In the Positive gear investment strategy guide you will benefit from over 20 years of Australian property investment knowledge tailored towards positive geared investment strategy to help build your portfolio.


Inside the Positive Gearing Property guide you will find...

Market research

Choosing the right investment property

How to calculate the costs

How to calculate rental income

Cost comparison for positive gearing

How to finalise your decision

Is Dragan & Buyers Agency Australia A Good Fit For You?

You realise property investment is long-term, 7+ years

You want a firm guarantee that your agent will get you a great deal on a good property so you will never overpay for your property

You’d like access to a wide range of properties locally and interstate

You don’t want to be sold a property just because it needs to be sold: it has to meet your unique criteria and fit with your investment strategy

You’re busy, you want someone who’ll do the research for you and show you options that suit your needs

You want to be represented by an agent who will look out for your interests, has proven experience getting great deals, and knows what it’s like to put his own money on the line

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