How to Become a Sydney Buyer’s Agent

If you have a flair for selling, buying, and negotiating – then becoming a buyers agent Sydney is a perfect choice. Sydney has some of the most expensive properties, and as a buyer’s agent, you can make yourself a very lucrative career. Here’s a look at how you can become a buyer’s agent in Sydney.

1. Complete your pre-licensing education

A buyer’s agent in Sydney must hold a real estate agent’s licence or a Certificate of Registration to work under a licensed real estate agent in Sydney. 

The first step is to complete your real estate license course. Before joining a course, ensure you fulfill the eligibility requirements of your state’s regulatory agency. For Sydney, the regulatory agency is the New South Wales (NSW) Office of Fair Trading. Click here for more information on various licences and eligibility.

There is a rising concern about course providers who sell courses that are below par and do not meet the state’s requirements. So, when choosing a course, it’s best to do it through your local real estate institute. 

Concerning online courses: There are several online courses and crash courses available for aspiring real estate agents like yourself, but many of these courses do not meet the state’s standards. So choose your course provider carefully. Choose an accredited course that delivers the critical skills needed to become an agent.

2. Clear the licencing exam

After completing the course, you will need to clear the licensing exam set by the state. The exam will be based on your course and will test your knowledge of New South Wales’s real estate practices, rules, and regulations. 

3. Apply for the application 

 Once you receive a certificate of completion, you must apply for your licence to the NSW Office of Fair Trading. You can either:

  1.     Apply online at the Service NSW website. It takes about 30 minutes to fill out the application. OR
  2.     Apply in person. You can download the application, fill it up and return it to your nearest Service NSW service centre. 


 Certificate of Registration: To begin your real estate career in Sydney, you must first hold a certificate of registration. That will allow you to work as an assistant agent under the guidance of a licensed real estate agent.  

Class 2 real estate agent licence: A Class 2 licence allows you to act as a buyer’s agent. You must hold a certificate of registration for at least one year and gain experience under a licensed agent’s supervision before applying for a Class 2 licence.

Class 1 real estate agent licence: A Class 1 licence allows you to work independently and start your own business as a sole trader. You must hold a Class 2 licence for at least two years before applying for the Class 1 licence.

Click here for more information on what each licence will allow you to do.

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4. Gain Experience

 To work legally as a buyer’s agent in Sydney, you must first gain experience as an apprentice with a licensed and experienced agent. The more experience you gain, the better your understanding of the Sydney real estate market will be. You can also use this time to hone your negotiation, purchasing, and interpersonal skills.

5. Network and marketing

To become a well-known buyer’s agent in Sydney, you must put yourself out there and let people know you exist. Build a strong network of contacts within the real estate market, including mortgage brokers, other real estate agents, sellers, and others working within the industry. 

As well as being well-known within the industry, you must be known to people who want to buy property in Sydney. These are your potential clients. Set up a good marketing strategy to introduce yourself as a buyers agent in Sydney. Let people know how you can help them so they know they can approach you when they want to buy.

6. Continued education

Education – even within the real estate industry — is an ongoing process. Continuing education will allow you to maintain your licence year after year and keep you up-to-date with the city’s real estate market so you can better serve your clients. Each license class has a specific qualification and continuing professional development (CPD) requirement. 

Final thoughts

Training to become a buyer’s agent in Sydney can be the start of a very successful, fulfilling, and lucrative career. The trick is to complete an accredited course, get licensed, gain experience, hone your skills as a buyer’s agent, and never stop learning.

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