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Owner Occupiers - please SKIP questions on INVESTORS BACKGROUND INFORMATION Page.
Investor and Occupier-If you are ever planning on living in the property - please COMPLETE BOTH sets of questions.
Explanatory Note: The written brief is just the beginning of your property search. Most of our client’s briefs evolve through the searching process. Because of our individual approach, our clients mold their requirements along the way and we amend the search criteria accordingly. One thing we don’t do is force our clients to stick to their original brief as our experience has shown that often we open up other possibilities that were previously unknown to our clients. While working with our clients some criteria becomes essential and other criteria loses its importance.


Like all investments, property investment carries risk.

There are two categories of risk:

INVESTMENT RISK (relating to the general risk of real estate as an investment class)
  1. Market volatility -property prices can go up and down, depending on where we are in the property cycle and how the location or style of property is impacted.
  2. Lack of liquidity – property is a large investment and the entry and exit costs are high, so investors need to be confident that they have the income stream to service any borrowing over the long term.
  3. Gearing – the higher the LVR (loan to value ratio), the more chance an investor could owe more money to the bank than the property is worth.
  4. Lack of diversity – the large amount of money required for each property means there is less possibility of diversification than with shares, for example.

SPECIFIC RISK (relating to a particular type of property or location)
  1. Vacancy - you will bear the cost of any period the property is unoccupied.
  2. Tenant damage -to mitigate this risk you can take out insurance and ensure you engage a good property manager (we will always make recommendations).
  3. Location loses popularity – we prefer established areas where this risk is low.
  4. Major repairs – pre-purchase inspections will prepare you as much as possible however sometimes there are unexpected repairs (such as a burst pipe).

As a property investor you need to be aware of these general risks. During the search process we will discuss the risks associated with specific properties as required.



What size building do you prefer? Minimum/Maximum units in the block? High-rise or maximum floors? Which level do you prefer to be on? Is ground floor OK? Maximum strata levies per quarter?
What living spaces do you want? Separate dining room? Family room? Study? Specific ceiling height?
Floors – boards, carpets, tiles? Windows – curtains, blinds, shutters? Style – sleek, industrial, period, etc? Original features – fireplaces, cornices, etc?
Doubles? Singles? What furniture needs to go in?
Will you be using any bedroom for any other purposes? Study? TV Room? Library? Playroom?
How many full bathrooms? How many just toilet and basin? Do you prefer to have a bath? How do you feel about a spa?
Preferred style? Open plan or separate? Any particular type of bench top - timber, stone, laminate or stainless steel?
Induction? Other appliances - dishwasher?
Is a separate laundry necessary? Can it be in the kitchen? Laundry facilities in the bathroom? External OK?
Preferred outdoor space i.e lawn, garden, paved courtyard, deck, balcony? Aspect?
What size do you want these? Level block or sloping block OK?
BBQ? Pool? Gym? Toolshed or workshop space?
Is some traffic noise OK? What about aircraft noise? Train Line?
How close to transport do you want? How far in walking time? How close is too close? Train? Bus? Ferry? Light Rail?


These are things that you won't compromise on. They are things that we will eliminate properties on.
These are things that you won't compromise on.
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