5 Different Ways To Find A Buyers Agent

What Is A Buyers Agent?

A buyers agent or a buyers advocate helps you in purchasing your dream home. The buyers agent scouts the market for properties, evaluates them, negotiates and secures the property on your behalf. Whether it is first-time home buyers, property investors, or buyers who have knowledge but are deprived of time for home searching, the buyers agent works for all of them.

Finding them is easy thanks to technology. With a simple Google search, you can find a list of buyers agents in your locality. For example, to find them in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, all you need to do is type “buyers agent” with the city name in Google. Type keywords “buyers agent Sydney”, “buyers agent Melbourne”, or “buyers agent Brisbane”, and a list of agents and agencies will appear in the search results.  

What Does A Buyers Agent Do For You?

Here is a brief explanation of what services a buyers agent offers.

Strategizes And Finds Listings

An agent will first note down your needs, goals, and preferences. And then prepare a buyers brief that contains what your ideal home looks like. After this, the agent uses the information to search for properties that fit your needs and requirements.

Schedules A Tour Of The Property

Once the properties are sorted out, the agent sends them to you to pick the ones that you want to view in person. Once you handpick the property, the agent will contact the seller agent to schedule a tour of the property.

Evaluates The Property

Once the property is finalized, the buyers agent evaluates the property and gives the current market value of the property. Based on the value of the property, you can decide whether to purchase it or not.


After deciding to purchase the property, the agent’s main work now begins which is negotiation. Using his/her expertise, the agent will negotiate with the seller for the best price. Additionally, the agent will oversee the property inspections. Once everything is done, the agent settles the deal with the seller agent.

Benefits Of Having Buyers Agents

  • They save time. As they have extensive experience and knowledge of the local market, the process of searching for a property becomes faster, thereby, saving a lot of your time.
  • They provide you with detailed market insights. You can get the accurate value of the property and the potential growth of the property when you hire them. All these are valuable information that can determine if the property is worth buying or investing in.
  • You can get access to off-listing properties. Since the agents have a great network of contacts with local listing agents, you can access properties that have not been listed on the market yet. This way you can beat the competition.
  • They bid on your behalf in the auction. Bidding for properties in auctions is stressful. Sometimes buyers pay more than the original price. To avoid such situations, take the help of buyers agents who know the tricks of bidding and can ensure you get the best home at the best possible price.
  • They recommend other professionals. The home-buying journey has many steps involved like home inspection, legal issues, etc. They recommend you to home inspectors, real estate attorneys, and many other professionals, making the buying process simple and quick.

In Conclusion

Whether you are purchasing a home or investing in a property, having knowledge of the local market, contacts, and possessing negotiating skills are paramount to cracking a good deal. When you don’t have those, home buying becomes stressful and difficult. In such scenarios, you need experts like buyers agents. From scouting properties, and bidding to settling the deal, they do everything to get your dream home quickly and at the best possible price.


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