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Frequently Asked Questions

The property search process can often feel restrictive for buyers. You’re typically bound by the listings on popular platforms like Realestate.com.au or Domain, or you might receive so-called ‘off-market’ email blasts from real estate agents, which often don’t truly represent the ‘off-market’ segment. This setup gives rise to two significant hurdles:

  1. Limited Property Selection: Your options are confined to what’s available on these platforms, significantly reducing the diversity of properties that fit your preferences.
  2. Intense Competition: High demand for these listed properties can inflate prices beyond your budget. This challenge is particularly accentuated during a booming market.


The ideal remedy to these problems? Genuine ‘off-market’ properties. These are properties for sale that remain hidden from traditional listings.

A surprising 30% of properties are transacted ‘off-market’, remaining unseen on Realestate.com.au, Domain, or any real estate agent’s window display.

Opting for ‘off-market’ properties opens up a world of benefits – you face less competition, enjoy a more private buying experience, feel less pressure to rush your purchase (like in an auction), and often find it easier to negotiate favourable terms and an attractive price. This strategy is a smart move for savvy property seekers looking for an edge in their property journey.

It might seem counterintuitive, but not every seller’s primary goal is achieving the maximum price. Those chasing the highest possible return typically place their property on the open market – but these aren’t the sellers we focus on.

The great news? A considerable portion of sellers prioritize factors other than price. They might be seeking a swift and discreet sale due to personal circumstances or lifestyle changes.

For these individuals, the prospect of a lengthy sales campaign, constant communication with agents, hosting open homes multiple times a week, and dealing with the pressures of auction can feel overwhelming and inconvenient.

Our aim is to connect with these vendors who value a smooth, efficient transaction over a potentially higher sale price in the public market. In this way, we open up a world of unseen property opportunities for our discerning clients.

Every day spent outside the property market can translate into lost financial opportunities. Your hard-earned money’s buying power is at the mercy of the ever-fluctuating market dynamics!

While we wouldn’t dream of rushing such a significant process, the urgency to secure the right property promptly is crucial. Missing valuable opportunities can lead to delayed dreams and financial setbacks.

In fact, the average buyer spends over six to nine months on their property quest – an excursion that could potentially cost them hundreds of thousands in missed opportunities.

But, with Buyers Agency Australia, your property pursuit needn’t be a marathon. Our dedicated, savvy professionals use their extensive network and market insights to bring lucrative opportunities to your attention swiftly.

While the purchasing speed can depend on your specific requirements, our track record shows that we, on average, help clients secure their property in just 55 days. So, with us, your journey to property ownership can be not just rewarding, but also remarkably efficient.

Our fee structure is as straightforward as it is flexible. Depending on the circumstances, we charge either a predetermined fixed fee or a small percentage of the property’s sale price.

The agreed fee is typically paid in two parts – an initial amount at the beginning of our engagement, followed by the remaining balance upon successful completion.

As a premium property buying agency with a proven success history, our fees correspond to the high-quality service we provide. We’re all about delivering exceptional results and valuable experiences rather than being the ‘cheapest’ option. So, if you’re seeking a partner committed to your real estate success, you’re in the right place with Buyers Agency Australia.

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